Trading Bills For Banjos (short story)

The list of expenses was never ending. But the list of income, on the other hand, was short. And the credit cards were at their limit.

Mackenzie and the Machines (short story)

It was bad enough to have been in that monstrous lab for as long as she was, she couldn’t imagine going back. What horrible experiments would they perform next?

Out of This World (short story)

I don’t know what it’s like to live anywhere other than Earth, of course, but I just have this feeling that there has got to be more for me out there.

A Simpler Life (short story)

I spent a great deal of time wandering in search of a fulfilling life until one day, over a hundred years later, I realized what I wanted.

Unit 143 (short story)

I opened the thick metal door and started down the corridor in search of unit 143.

Safety Goggles (short story)

I think most children grow up with safety blankets or favorite toys, but Bobby clings to his goggles like they are a super hero cape, putting them on whenever he needs to be brave.